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Headaches Headaches can be the trickiest and most frustrating of problem we see, because they can be caused by so many different things. Diet, sleep patterns, prior trauma, neck dysfunction, visual problems and blood flow can all be culprits that produce head pain. We have had success in the treatment of headaches at our office. Proper diagnosis is key. Patients need not visit multiple doctors pursuing endless treatments that do not work if a diagnosis is properly made. See us for proper care. If we can not help you then we will find someone who can.



An aching neck can be caused by muscle or ligament inflamation. If the vertebra in your neck are not moving properly or if their position is not optimal, neck pain can result. Do not attempt to "crack or pop" your own neck. Things can become much worse if this bad habit continues. X-Rays are sometime necessary in order to evaluate neck pain. Car accident victims often have "whiplash" and will need professional help in order to recover. We use ultrasound and various comfortable soft tissue techniques to assist the healing process.

Some clinics will declare that all you need is a quick neck adjustment to get better. Adjustments are part of what we do and they can be very helpful, however other techniques need to be employed to give the patient the best chance of a full recovery. Our techniques have allowed us to be contracted with Presbyterian, Lovelace, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other health insurance carriers. Choose the best clinic by giving us a call.



Chiropractic care focuses on health issues related to the musculoskeletal and nervous system, with the goal of improving or remedying the condition without surgery. Whether you have pain in your back, neck, joints, arms or legs, or suffer from chronic headaches, we aim to help your body heal naturally.



Whether you were injured in a car accident, on the job, or playing sports, ignoring the injury and hoping it will heal on its own is not a sound plan of attack. While the body has amazing powers to heal and rejuvenate itself, chiropractic care is often the best way to rehabilitate after and injury. Not seeking treatment can lead to chronic pain issues, so don’t delay in at least getting an initial evaluation of your condition.

An injury rehabilitation regimen by Dr. Jones can help restore proper function and mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical issues.



A chiropractic adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation, is the process in which a chiropractic applies controlled force to a spinal joint. It’s a perfectly safe and non-invasive way to bring balance back to your body and treat pain. The type of chiropractic adjustment our patients receive depends on their specific needs.



We also provide the following treatments & services.

We also provide the following treatments & services.

Arm and shoulder pain may be something as simple as a sprain strain of the rotator cuff tendons after playing basketball, tennis, or swinging a hammer. It may also be the result of a cartilage disc injury in the neck. Tingling, numbness and loss of muscle strength may all indicate a problem more serious than a sprain. We use manipulation, ultrasound, and heat to manage these problems. Sometimes a condition called myofascial syndrome can cause bizarre symptoms that can resolve through proper treatment.


Pain between the shoulder blades is an endemic condition that exists in the countless masses who work at a desk every day. People come home from work with tight shoulders and upper back pain that can grow worse if ignored. "Maybe it will just go away" is the common assumption with this problem. Work injuries are too often the cause of upper back pain. We treat this problem with a technique called intersegmental traction along with electrical muscle stimulation, heat, massage and spinal adjustments. Call us for the proper care. We also treat scoliosis.


This is the most common reason people contact us. Non surgical spinal decompression is the treatment of choice for lumbar disc injuries that can not be corrected by surgery. Muscle, nerve, ligament, cartilage and bone are all potentially involved in conditions such as these. Not all lower back problems involve the inter-vertebral disc. Treating lower back pain is our specialty. We are very good at it. This website has a video that explains what spinal decompression is. Please view this video clip and call us for an appointment.



Hip and leg pain can be caused by wear and tear of the hip joint, irritating the muscles and supportive tissues around it. Sciatica is so common that most of the time it goes untreated. There are some surprisingly simple techniques that can alleviate leg and hip pain. Hip replacement surgery is the most common prosthetic procedure done by far. Leg and hip problems can smolder for years before a drastic operation needs to be done. It is best to try different treatments when you have chronic hip or side leg pain. What may work for one may not help for another. We may need an xray to manage this condition.